Pure Argan Oil Spray

Argan Oil is 100% pure, organic certified, no added fragrances, in practical dispenser spray oil 50 ml and 100 ml.

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This Argan Oil 100% pure certified organic agriculture in neutral base (natural smell) is very absorbent, in a few minutes penetrates the skin, leaving it moisturized without greasing.

Ingredients INCI: Argania spinosa Kermel oil.

It is used to treat minor skin problems:

  • acne and eczema
  • minor burns
  • promotes the disappearance of bedsores
  • soothes irritation and chafing
  • remove small scars
  • eliminates the itching caused by psoriasis and reduces flaking
  • great for tired muscles and joint pain
  • excellent moisturizer for dry and cracked heels and elbows
  • promotes the disappearance of spots on the skin

Applications and Benefits of Argan Oil for the whole body skin, hair and nails, for all the family

  • few drops applied to the skin as well give shine and softness to the whole body skin;
  • Pure Argan Oil is one of the best remedies exist against skin aging;
  • used after shaving and shaving prevents irritation and moisturizes the skin;
  • slows the formation of wrinkles;
  • protects and moisturizes the skin after exposure to the sun;
  • ideal for massaging the delicate skin of babies;
  • Argan oil and a bit 'of sugar makes the skin of the lips soft and free of cracks;
  • great to soothe the stretch marks of pregnancy;
  • few drops on damp skin after showering them make better absorption; we recommend diluting 6-7 drops of product into the bath to make your skin soft and free of impurities;
  • promotes elasticity of the breast skin in case of skin fragile and delicate;
  • thanks to the high content of emollients, guarantees perfect hydration of dry skin;
  • ideal to moisturize your heels dry, cracked and split;
  • apply a drop in the morning and one in the evening on the face to fight efficiently wrinkles and hinder the process of cellular aging;
  • the Argan Oil is suitable to give strength and hydration to the hair fragile, dry, brittle and lacking luster, fighting split ends and dryness;
  • apply a few drops gently rubbing on the hair to make them nourished and silky; you should leave it on for an hour and then proceed with washing;
  • nail healthier and cared mix the oil in equal quantities with lemon juice and dip your hands in the compound for at least ten minutes; repeating the process once a week for about two months. You can apply the oil directly on your nails at night before going to bed to fight dryness and growth of cuticles;
  • Argan Oil is indicated for the treatment of brittle nails, protecting them from external aggressions.



Mihaila E 2016-01-30

Olio di Argan puro 100% biologico Spray


    Federica Massari 2015-03-27

    Olio spray davvero speciale!

    Ho ricevuto l'olio spray da 100 ml in regalo e ne sono rimasta molto contenta perché il prodotto è ottimo, in famiglia lo usiamo tutti! Benefici come descritto nella scheda, 5 stelle meritate!

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    Pure Argan Oil Spray

    Pure Argan Oil Spray

    Argan Oil is 100% pure, organic certified, no added fragrances, in practical dispenser spray oil 50 ml and 100 ml.

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