The Argan Oil

Argan oil is a natural vegetable oil produced from the fruit of the Argan tree which grows only in Morocco.
The Argania Spinosa is one of the oldest trees in the world can reach ten feet tall, its roots reach thirty meters deep and can live up to four years, but you can not grow it outside of its country of origin.

Argania Spinosa

The Argania Spinosa, a Unesco World heritage

This tree has a key role in the local ecosystem because, growing up in areas on the edge of the desert, provides a barrier against desertification. For its rarity and its precious fruit the Argania Spinosa have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

Each tree produces only a few kilograms of fruits that are harvested and processed exclusively by Berber women with gestures and traditions that are handed down from mother to daughter.
The Argan Oil comes from a process that takes place with passages that require great skill and dexterity, and that is why they are entrusted with the precious hands of local women who, at the time of harvest, gather to dry, crush and extract the valuable oil according to the most ancient methods. The oil is obtained from the extraction by cold pressing the seeds of the unroasted fruit of the tree of Argania Spinosa to keep all its natural properties.
Argan Oil is composed of oleic acid (47%), linoleic acid (32%), vitamins A and E: 60 mg/100 g.

Argan Oil is a rare and precious beauty elixir

In the cosmetic field biological Argan Oil 100% pure is a natural antioxidant, good for skin care of the face and body, to nourish and strengthen hair and nails, and to treat minor skin problems, after the great shaving and after shaving, much appreciated after exposure to the sun.
It is an excellent product for the entire body, provides relaxation and wellness during the massage and actively fight against free radicals and cellular alteration of the skin, giving it elasticity and providing an important anti-aging action.

Can be used by anyone of any age because this wonderful oil does not contain substances such as nickel, perfumes, dyes, or preservatives that can cause allergies.

Considered one of the most important oils for rejuvenation of the skin tissue to the high content of vitamin E, other essential fatty acids and a high amount of tocopherols by the strong antioxidant, emollient, moisturizing and firming strongly as confirmed by clinical trials. It is recognized and used by the biggest international brands in the cosmetic field.